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Sunday, 18 December 2011


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Yes, relations between them are getting increasingly complicated, and (like any marriage made in hell) everything that is said is doubtless being stored away and will be wheeled out when the recriminations start.

If he called a snap election, though, Cameron's stance towards the LDs would need to be finely judged and nicely presented. He could hardly major on the fact that they reneged on most of their promises, because they only did so to fit in with the Conservatives' promises anyway. Nor could he go all out for the character assassination, because if he failed to win an overall majority he would be forced to cosy up to them again. My suggestion for the campaign slogan is

"Liberal Democrats: what a bunch of untrustworthy shits. Until you need them, that is!".

It might need a bit of work on it, but I reckon it's a real vote-catcher.

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