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Wednesday, 21 December 2011


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"Also, I must get out and about with my cane in the playground of my 'Comments box' to restore some order and decorum. Honestly, I turn my back for a day and all hell breaks loose."

Sir, it was the girls.

So, it's just been a couple of days of absence from my part and I find that you've been ill (very, very ill, of course; do not let anybody tell you otherwise), but that by now (being the strong man you are) you are feeling (almost?) well. Congratulations, then. I'd not expected anything less from you.
Now, back to work. You are some posts behind schedule!

Proper little sneak, you are, 'W' - well done, my boy!

Thank you, Ortega, you at least recognise quality when you see it! And talking of 'quality', I have just finished a post on The Killing II and the total lack of quality that it contained.


Some lite viewing as you get your wind back:!

Excellent stuff, Hank, the groaning you can hear is not, I think, coming from the direction of Stratford-on-Avon!

Oh goodie.
Another miracle for Christmas.
Fastest FLU recovery ever.

True grit, Andra, true grit!

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