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Sunday, 29 January 2012


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I see that he shares that irksome American habit of saluting unhatted.

'Put that man on a charge, Sar'nt-Major, er, if you can catch him, that is!'

Is the athlete on the left Japanese? Had he shown the foresight to deliver a kamikaze-style head-dive at Owens' nuts, we could be looking at the most iconic photograph of 20th century history.

'W', where do you find so much imagination first thing on a Monday morning?

Quite a few of the early black jazzmen spent a lot of time in London, Paris, The Hague and so on because they felt a lot freer than in the US. It might have helped that their music was quickly accepted in High Society - more so, it would seem, than at home.

Dearieme. The Yanks do like to be different since Independence. I recall there are circumstances where Brits can salute without headress. But cannot remember. Maybe headwound and the cap does not fit!

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