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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


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I think you are right, but I'm not sure he and his chums have the courage. They'll be discussing it though.

Timing is easy: do it as Huhne is tried.

I'm beginning to wonder, DM, if the 'M' abbreviation I give you stands for Machiavelli?

I suspect you're right, AK, and as for the lack courage, I suggest the top ranks of the Tory party be made to sit and watch 'The Iron Lady'!

Hoskin's graph is a bit flawed in that "Lib Dem identity" has not improved, and shows no signs of doing so. Even in the Guardian they are despised due to their U-turn on University fees, and most people in the country are probably wondering what the Lib Dems stand for other than the desire for power. So Cameron can afford to wait a bit, if he wants to. the Scottish issue will cause more of a split, if he wants to use that.

And hats off to dearieme for some stunning realpolitik. Could I suggest a campaign slogan of "Who's in the driving seat?"

Well, that's the point, 'W', they - the Lib-Dems - think that by acting all stroppy they will improve their image by continually voicing their doubts whilst quietly encouraging the Tories to take the shitty end of the stick. Cameron will be a bigger mug than even I think him if he allows that to to on.

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