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Friday, 20 January 2012


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"His two principal ‘cohorts-in-crime’": I'm sorry to see that you've taken up the habit of the misuse of "cohort" to imply an individual. Tut bloody tut.

Hate to do this to you David (HA!) but you brought the era up. I suppose you're aware the first American to die in Viet Nam did so in the year 1948?

What's that?

David, I must congratulate you on that exegesis.

I have just spent several minutes reading and then re-reading it and I have learned more about the Korean War than I ever imagined.
I have to say it's not a period of the last century that I have dwelt in overmuch. Pretty much all I know, apart from M.A.S.H of course, is recalling a couple of Aussie soldiers who were friends of my father's and would visit our house from time to time when they were home on leave.

I can see that I have much to learn about this "incident".

You've whetted my appetite and I shall investigate. Sounds as if "The Coldest Winter" would be a good place to start.


"Cohort" - and me an ex-military man! Oh, the shame, the shame!

JK, in the light of the Korean experience the American involvement in Vietnam is even more inexplicably stupid.

Try it, Andra, it will teach and explain much of what went on after Korea ended. Plus, the curious contortions of teh American body-politic.

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