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Wednesday, 04 January 2012


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Surely car fumes are a bigger risk to health than cigarette smoke. In my humble opinion not banning cars in city centers shows there is a double standard when peoples health is concerned, and this is without considering the amount of pedestrian/driver deaths on our roads.

Car fumes may well be a bigger risk to health than cigarette fumes not least because the latter are absolutely no risk whatsoever! As for banning cars in city centres, it all depends on the make-up and layout of the city concerned. However, I have the feeling, 'Truth', that you want a world in which all risk is banned!

I beg to disagree. Although it cannot be denied that cars do kill, we cant still deny the fact that guns a far more dangerous. If you have seen the Colorado shooting, you will surely think otherwise.

Alas, Jason, we must remain 'disagreed'! Lunatics like the Colorado killer would simply find other means to wreak his particular havoc - blowing up planes, derailing trains, fire-setting, or whatever else presses his buttons. But welcome to D&N, anyway.

Noted David, the comment on this old post. Been doing Internet searches on another subject but in passing I'd seen this - might be of some use:

Thanks, JK.

Simple. Serendipity:

Course there was this (town I'll be going through shortly hopefully shortfully!

1: Should be a lively night tonight in Little Rock
2: Obviously they need Hercule Poirot and "'is leetle grey cells"!

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