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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


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His books delighted my adolescent years. Pass on my thanks when next you see him please, Duffers.

Well, I suppose it says something about me that they still make me laugh in my dotage. I will certainly pass on your thanks, DM.

There were some really good cartoons in his books too, although I can't remember who drew them. I hope it wasn't Mike Green because that much talent on one person - well it just isn't fair is it?

I will ask him next time I see him, AK.

I recall a part of one of his tomes (Art of sailing ?) where a friend of his had caused a not inconsiderable amount of damage by sailing irresponsibly - power lines were involved I believe - & in consequence insurance claims were filed. The friend claimed "Act of God" as an excuse, only to receive a bill addressed to "Mr God". All his books are gems.

Kind regards

Oh, this is lovely stuff.
Reminds me a bit of the great Robert Benchley.
Benchley hated birds and loved nothing more than to see them slip on icy streets.
Then he pointed at them and laughed.
I have a birthday pretty soon ......

David, back in the '60s it was "Coarse Sailing" which caused a never forgotten incident on the top of a double-decker bus in which my girlfriend (now promoted to 'Memsahib') and her friend became so embarrassed by my uncontrolled laughter as I read the book that they both got up and moved downstairs.

Andra, was that a hint I felt go past me?

An unconventional way to attract a female I would have thought but one that obviously worked for you.

Alas, Andra, I am one of those people who, if you push the right humour buttons I become uncontrollable. I remember once reducing a crowded working man's cafe to silence as I howled with tears of laughter streaming down my face at a book I was reading. I was so weakened with laughter I couldn't even save my embarrassment by getting up and leaving.

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