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Thursday, 05 January 2012


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Actually, this particular case might have revealed a smart tactical brain, either hers or elsewhere in the Labour Party. It was a slip that she was easily able to extricate herself from, by means of the usual apology that she had expressed herself in a way that allowed her remarks to be taken out of context. Everyone gets agitated about black racism, etc., and meanwhile Lord Glasman's extremely unflattering remarks about Miliband's leadership ("No strategy and little energy")
are conveniently bumped off the front page.

After all, what are clowns for but distraction?!

I was almost convinced there for a moment, 'W', but then I remembered - Diane Abbott - nah!

David you are right. She is a windbag and silly tae boot. That kind of statement could lead to assualt and possibly death. She would never be selected by Labour up here in Scotland. The only reason she is on the Andrew Neil slot and cuddles up with Portillo is because she is black.

Abbott and Portillo "cuddling" - dread thought!

Actually, the cuddling might have started far earlier - they attended the same London school. [snip]

Sorry, 'W', I know, or at least, am vaguely aware, of what you mentioned, and you are probably better informed than me, but I prefer not publish delicate matters unless I'm sure of my facts.


Since when?

Since my solicitors, Messrs. Whyte, Lippe & Tremblin, warned me that there is a difference between general abuse and specific allegations. Being a bully I always enjoy the former but being a coward, and an impoverished coward at that, I prefer to avoid the latter.

There was a time when men were men and you could give and take a bit of the verbal. Now the politicians (some ex) look for an excuse to sue and make some dosh.

Exactly so, Jimmy.

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