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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


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"what should concern us here is the sight of the USE wielding its truncheon over a nation which has a democratically-elected government."

Trouble is, we're getting used to it...

Yes and it's often inertia which lets the rascals in!

Maybe you'll be interested on that thing.

Not sure what you mean by that one, Ortega - thermostats?

I fare say that the eurocrats have one thing in common with the Hungarian opposition: they call themselves ex-communists. One can be sure of the "communist", less so of the "ex".

It seemed to me that you had a long battle with yours, never doing what they were expected to. But it looks I was wrong. Sorry.

Ah, I see, Ortega, you were referring to my non-stop war with my old thermostat. Happily, the one good result of my 'flood' last year when my water-tank burst was that I had new heating controls installed, including a 'Thermostat for Idiots' which even I have succeeded in using. Not as smart as that one in the link but at least it is simple.

This reminds me that we've had an untypically long time since our hot water tank failed. Hm.

(Hard water => low life, at least for hot water tanks.)

DM, I have learned soemthing of the esoteric technology of hot-water-tanks. If they have those 'wotsit' rods going through them - apparently they attract to themselves some chemical in the water - they need to be changed very often. If they get too coated you can't always get them out!

My house is only 10 years old and so it has one of those pressurised water systems such that the airing cupboard looks like the boiler room of the Titanic! If you have one of those systems then make sure you have it serviced every year, especially the in-built thermostats and 'safety thingies' that automatically trip if something goes wrong. I did not do that because I just thought a water tank, like a love affair, was forever. It ain't! Something failed, in fact I think two things failed on my system and so the water over-heated and split the seams on the tank.

Mind you the new carpet looks very nice and I try not to think of the £1750 it cost for a new tank and all its 'gubbins'.

"USE wielding its truncheon over a nation which has a democratically-elected government"

Unaccountably, you missed out the word "again".

So Hungary might join Italy and Greece in being ruled by EU Gauleiters then?

I don't know much about Hungarians, but I know enough to think they might just not put up with this...

And I too have never seen a better example of irony than the fact that the EU proposes to prosecute Hungary for "erosion of democracy". Hello? The EU? That well-known democratic organisation? Ha.

I second that "Ha!"

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