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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


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Well, yes, indeed, what a coup. One of the great military manoeuvres of all time. One wonders, given modern satellites and so on, whether it will ever again be possible to catch an enemy with their trousers so comprehensively down. Happier times, no doubt.

You will always be able to rely, 'H', on human frailties, like stupidity, complacency, over-ambition of the sort MacArthur, himself, demonstrated in the next phase of the Korean war!

"However, this was not the battle-hardened army of 1945."

Have to admit David, I for one have purposely remained (I think) pretty much on the sidelines commenting on this particular set of posts. There is a reason.

My Dad.

For whatever reason, he'd change the subject whenever "Korea" got brought up. (Actually, where Dad's telling "war stories" was concerned - that was pretty much a general order - with the possible excption of Nam). But then mainly by way of "making a statement by other means" when he resigned his commission following Tet.

Dad enlisted during WWII and served enlisted on a mine-sweeper in the Pacific. Following "de-mobe" he got a degree on condition which required his own, "I shall return" - then found himself aboard a carrier near Inchon.

Those rare reminisces were the few always leaving him near weeping.

After Korea, Dad again "de-mobed" only to find himself "re-mobed" (following attaining a higher degree) serving stateside at Veteran's Hospitals. The "statement" I mentioned might require some explaining: full retirement benefits only accrue after 20 years. Dad resigned his commission after 17.

(He did maintain a relation with the VA - just not in a capacity that properly accorded him a salute.)

Thanks David - mentioning the Navy.

And the Marines.

Most of my earliest years were spent on or occasionally visiting on Marine Corp bases. There was a particular USMC Captain "Pete" Van Hecken who's gonna get a posthumous salute on D&N.

Thank you "Uncle" Pete.

(Now Jan - should you "Google" this up - don't go revealing too much where "JK" is concerned --- methinks you'll be able to find me in some other way.)


Closer to a soldiers level look at the first actions.
Force Protection Implications: TF Smith and the 24th Infantry Division

Defense polices in the 1990's seemed to be setting up a situation where the first units in a theater would be outnumbered. One of a number of looks at what happened in the past.
The Outbreak

An official history it deals with question of politics and such by ignoring them as much as possible. But it makes for a good operational level look at what happened.>Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

THanks, gentlemen, for your comments and please note addition above.

Hmmm. Think now I know why Dad insisted I not "waste money on a Honda, buy the British bike shithead."

That last David is the highest esteemed accolade an Arkie kid can expect to receive - reckon the only thing comparable in Britdom would to be drubbed a Knighthood. So if you use it - that would be Sir Shithead! Besides - as DM will almost certainly point out, for you, JK is easier spelt.

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