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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


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Whatever happened in Armenia happened nearly a century ago. The Turkish government has changed many times since then. If we are to hold present day Turks to account for the alleged sins of their great grandfathers, then what motive do we give them to improve
Rather we should comment on- and if necessary impose consequences on- people who presently transgress decency. we are not short of targets.

Excellent point, Pat.

What awful evil will now occur in France if someone utters his belief that the Armenian massacre was not "genocide" but a particularly nasty outbreak of Turkish wickedness? Frankly, who cares what it's called? This is purely Sarkozy's cheap and pathetically transparent way of garnering a few more votes from French citizens of Armenian extraction (approx 500,000 apparently). Sarkozy has apparently forgotten the (5 million?) Moslems in France who will likely join their fellow Moslems in Turkey and turn their (voting) backs on Sarkozy: an own goal - and an avoidable own goal (unless Sarkozy reckons that no Moslem would ever vote for him anyway which is quite possible). Are all politicians pillocks?

OTOH I, for one, thank God for the French who are (so far!) resisting accession of Turkey to the EU.

Fair enough, Bongers, but I was hoping that you were going to offer up a contrary opinion to my summary of Ms. Abbott's characteristics!
Fat chance, eh?

The French are just trying to upset the Turks because they (the French) really really really don't want Turkey in the EU.

Who can blame them, now that Ataturk's legacy is being undone?

Turkey as a member of the EU would mean ANOTHER fifty million or so Islamists heading for Western Europe.

I'm with Mongseer Crapaud on this one. Turkey is not in Europe and shouldn't be made to pretend that it is.

Fat, black, and clown may be legit or not, but she has revealed herself to be a racist, accusations of which are privileged in law, are they not?

I suspect you're right, Andrew, on French motives so perhaps we should offer them two cheers!

I think they must be privileged, DM, because everybody and his uncle seem to accuse everybody else and his aunt of being 'racist' almost on a daily basis.

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