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Friday, 13 January 2012


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"Why is a so-called 'Liberal Democrat' party pushing a proposal that is both illiberal and undemocratic? And can we sue them under the Trade Descriptions Act?"

Best laugh of the day so far! Perghaps I am being too paranoid, but sometimes I think that our elite deflect attention from what they are doing by presenting themselves in a pantomime or farcical manner. We all have a good laugh ("Blimey! What are they like? You couldn't make it up!").

And then, when we have dried our eyes, more of our freedom has gone.

Isn't it what the conjurers call 'distraction technique'?

None of these individuals appear to have ever had a market based job and, apart from one stint on Cambridge County Council, not one has ever been elected.

Couldn't run a whelk stall and never got asked to.

What a legitimate mandate to run the country.


Exactly so, Lawrence.

By the way, I have just recommended an American e-pal to read your tale about the Jock paras because she was recently in Glasgow and had to ask people to repeat everything five times because she couldn't understand a word!

Floella Benjamin has a little poem about herself on her web-site, written by an admiring doctural student of politics (warning: you might need a sick bag): -

"Our dear spectacular Floella,
The glamorous Chancellor of Exeter
The woman who makes many to think and be tick
And the rescuer of many who might sink
‘Imagination’, said you, can make us get anything in life,
‘Imagination’, you said, can take us to greater heights
‘Yes, we can’
‘Yes, we can’
Your journey tells us we can
Your actions tell us we can
From Trinidad
You were a child, with a dream
And since then, a model to all
Even in House of Lords
The kids are happy, when they see Floella
The adults are happy, when they see Floella
‘Can’t we be like her?’
‘Yes, we can’
‘Can’t we summon courage and be our best in life?’
‘Yes, we can’
The success of a man
Or a woman
Is not determined
Or defined
Is not prescribed
Or proscribed
By the colour of their skin
Or the circumstances of their birth
But, by the sizes of their faith, hope and action
Think, believe, and act
And you will be like Floella Benjamin"

-Tunde Oseni, Doctoral Student in Politics, Exeter University: 5 November, 2010

I hope he at least got a blow job for that. Seems like he might have done even better.

What was it you said the other day? : -

"In the stinking septic tank of politics some turds float effortlessly to the top..."

Might I add "...buoyed up by each other."


This boy should go far, he is a greaser par excellence. Now I gather he has PhD in 'Political Science', an oxymoron if ever I heard one. It can't be long before he takes his seat in the Lords. Thanks, Lawrence!

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