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Saturday, 07 January 2012


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At least they didn't hire Steven Fry.

Priceles, DM, I nearly fell off of my chair laughing at that one!

Cruise really is a bad actor. What is the good performance you're talking about? Was it Rain Man? I think he just benefited from playing opposite Dustin Hoffman in that.

Jack Reacher is my ideal man. I'm just waiting for him to go walking through Australia and then I'm gonna grab him and look after him.
For that dwarf loony to even contemplate being Reacher is the absolute height of absurdity. Ridiculous!
I most certainly would prefer Stephen Fry in the role.

'Collateral', Dom, with Jamie Foxx. He wasn't brilliant but he was pretty creepy as a hitman. The performance rather surprised me.

Of course, Andra, there is another thespian candidate, modesty forbids and all that but still . . .

Well, I'll try again.
You don't seem to be accepting my messages lately!

Thinking about another actor to portray the divine Reacher .... Yes, David. I did consider Arnie but I don't think the accent would work.

Nothing personal, Andra, I assure you.

"Arnie"?! Little pipsqueak!

i dont know the character, but there are plenty of tall men in hollywood who fit your description. this is just laziness on the part of the producers and probably Cruise's very good agent to get him the role. is Cruise much of a draw these days?

'Missred', welcome to D&N. I feel I should chastise you for never having read the 'Jack Reacher' books but, on consideration, you are a 'girlie' and a litany of one huge man beating, kicking, strangling, stomping and shooting lots and lots and lots of other huge men may not be your cup of tea. As you can see above, Andra loves them - but then (taps side of nose and lowers voice) she's Australian, you know! Sometimes, but not often, I am slightly ashamed of my enthusiasm for them but, as you probably know being a 'girlie', even at the age of 72 men never quite grow up.

Well, there goes missred straight away, I would think.
You have to learn to treat women better Duff.
Girlie indeed!!

Naw - being called a girlie won't scare me away. I am stronger than I look. I did respond to David, and I guess I did not hit the right button.
I have looked up the series on the web (great thing, that) and it does indeed sound like a series I would read. Just because I hadn't heard of the series, doesn't mean I am sitting around all day suffering from some "jane austen malady"
So how about that, boyo?

Crikey! I go away for an afternoon/evening and come back to find myself being assaulted by two ladies, well, sort of, in my dreams.

Anyway, 'missred', I'm glad I have been able to point you in the direction the lower end of the of the pulp fiction market. The regulars here (and they don't come more regular than Andra) are aware of, and take pity on, my addiction to pulp fiction which I tend to buy by weight rather than volumes! However, Lee Childs has hit a well-deserved goldmine with the creation of his Jack Reacher character. If you are coming to them fresh, then I suggest you take them one at a time with a good gap in beteen because they are all follow exactly the same formula and too much too soon woould turn you off them. They are all total tosh, of course, but great fun.

By the way, regular, or even irregular, readers, do take a moment to visit missred's site. Today she has pictures of pretty girls, always a good start in my estimation, and a damning indictment of Obama, at which point my cup overflowed!

Thank you for the linky! and the advice on reading Childs Reacher books.

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