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Wednesday, 25 January 2012


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Working as I do in Further Education (i.e. a college for 16+ students) I am tempted to say "guilty as charged - shoot me now!". But on second thoughts, spare me, as the pension is not too far off. And the fact that there is a limited amount that anyone can do against the "entitlement culture" which is encouraged by parents and (apparently) secondary school teachers.

I think we need to compare like with like here. Many of our youngsters are bright, sparky, polite, and determined to succeed. The ones who we are trying to point towards the front-line customer service jobs, however, are the ones who messed up their GCSEs at school. And a large part of this group are the ones with big psychological and social problems, and a sense of absolute entitlement. They tend to see constructive and kindly criticism as a personal attack. How come we have now got so many of these? Were they there is the past, and had the rough edges eventually knocked off them by national service and workplace culture? Or have we forgotten how to be parents? They are the ones that really worry me. With keen Eastern Europeans and Africans flocking to our shores, they haven't a hope.

Yeah, I think Duffers identified the wrong mob to shoot.

You are excused the firing squad, 'W', because working in 'Further Education' is, I suspect, more like working in basic education. At least, it is according to a friend of mine who works on attempting to train lads for apprenticeships and has to begin by showing them how to do simple arithmetic! Good luck!

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