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Tuesday, 17 January 2012


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"My regular commenter, Andra, keeps complaining that she is finding it difficult to register comments. Are any of you suffering similar difficulties?"

Only in the sense that I am occasionally lost for words. When faced with articles which are so definitive, such jewel-like distillations of wisdom, it is the intellect which fails, rather than the software.

I always said, 'W', that you were a man of taste and discernment!

I have no problems. I sometimes find the CAPTCHA code a little difficult to read, but that's just decrepitude.


Anytime you're reading on D&N it's just like what the Air Captain's of British Airways warn before the flight - "Turn your electronics OFF!"

And yes Andra - Australian dildoes are most certainly electronics.

(Flight Engineer to Cap'n Duff --- Onboard communications are returned to the Captain's console. --- And sorry 'bout that warning of a water emergency landing --- doggone stewardess was fidgeting.)

JK: Puhleese!~

Safest is just to write your comment elsewhere -- Word or Notepad or some such -- then paste it in all at once.

See, that's what pisses me off with all this techie-thingie-stuff, it shows up one's total lack of intelligence! It never occurred to me to do what Malcolm suggested and type my posts in Word first. In that format the spell-checker is excellent so I wouldn't have to keep going back, sometimes days later, to correct embarrassing spelling mistakes - well, that's if I could be embarrassed at all these days. Well done, Malcolm, you have earned the first D&N Merit Badge of the year. And, JK, you are to return yours immediately for gross insubordination to Andra who wouldn't be seen dead with an Australian dildoe . . . Japanese, possibly, but Australian, never!

Be careful using that spell-checker thingie David - especially with words like threw. Might make your "looking like it's, for good or bad" prognosticating isn't that sort of threw.

Might lead some 'stead of going you your wise words to go with the ethnicity of "those electronics" take too looks.

ANDRA! I think JK needs some of your homely advice!

"I think JK needs some of your homely advice!"

That, or your dildoe.

Frankly, I think JK needs a good smack on the bottom but he'd probably like that!

Why, thank you, David!

(I had a actually written a far longer comment just now, of coruscating brilliance and incalculable value to the technically challenged, but the comment-box whatsit reset itself or something and I lost it.)



See - it's not just me, Duff. And, as I recall, DM had the same problem a while ago.

Oh God, now I'm going to have to send a mesage to one of those gorgeous blondes in California who man the 'Help for Idiots' desk. And, no, I don't know for sure that they are either gorgeous or blonde but I like to think of them that way. Alas, I think they have a special bulletin board for my queries which, when I receive the more than obvious answer, I suspect reduces them to helpless giggles. However, I should warn you that sometimes I don't even understand the answers they send but that may say more about me than them. I will keep you posted.

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