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Monday, 16 January 2012


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She was a very necessary PM.

Ms. Streep did win an Golden Globe award for her fine portrayal.

I wonder if the film might be the catalyst for a turning point.

Oh Gawd, saved by the yanks, again!


No doubt about that, DM, and how odd it is the way this country seems to throw up great leaders at just the right moment.

THanks, Jackson, yes, I read that and I hope she goes on to pick up every other award going.

Trouble is, Lawrence, I look about me and I can't see another politician of her staure.

The woman stepped in when the left did what is best in their tradition. They fell out with each other as usual. They have no complaint. They are just mouthy tossers.

Quite so, Jimmy, and I almost feel sorry for thoughtful Lefties (like David Ostler) who find themselves saddled with some prize morons.

In the late 80s the Comic Strip team (Mayall/Edmondson/Peter Richardson/somebody Allan etc) did a one-off called "The Strike", imagining a Hollywood treatment of the miners strike.

It was very funny - Lee van Cleef cast as Tony Benn, Al Pacino as Scargill, and the greatest star was Jennifer Saunders playing Meryl Streep playing Maggie.

It's on youtube - but you need a proxy server because channel 4 won't let you view it in the UK.

Thanks, Laban, I'll look out for it.

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