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Friday, 20 January 2012


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If your day tomorrow is not too jammed with meetings, press conferences & the like, please drop into the Duke of York Square just off Kings Road Chelski where you can sample the many delights of the Partridges Saturday Market (delicious food to go from 15 different countries) but more especially an award winning gourmet savoury Pie from the Pieminister stall. The best value lunch in West London & to you, sir, gratis & for nothing. Just mention the secret password (my name is Lobby Lud & I claim my free pie) to your friendly pie operative who will be pleased to take care of all your pie needs.

Kind regards

One for Mr Huhne.

(H/T: In the Pipeline)

David, that sounds like an excellent idea but alas on this visit - a gang of us are going up to see 'Noises Off' there will be no time. However, it has been duly noted and will be taken advantage of later in the year - thanks.

DM, I've only had a chance to read the first few lines but make mine a pint, will you?!

Oh lucky you. I love "Noises Off".
Hope you enjoyed it.

We did! One of the greatest farces ever written, in my opinion. A sort of Michael Green 'Course Acting' play done by professionals.

Indeed and I'm giving "Tinker, Tailor, etc." 10/10.
A great display of less is more acting by Hurt & Co.

Glad you enjoyed it, Andra, I think it is a terrific piece of work.

"a chance to read the first few lines" - no, no, no; you really must read it all.

Thank God you reminded me, DM, because it had slipped my mind. What an absolute hoot! And I would have paid good money to watch those American matrons.

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