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Monday, 30 January 2012


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Someone pointed out the other day that Romney has adopted much the most sensible analysis of the current financial crisis of any leading American politician - far better than anything from Gingrich or the Imom Obama.

MDA hmmm... reckon an Arkie oughter send a letter to Wasilla 'bout taking a moose gun over to the UK?

Wonder how many fawning posts I'd find were I to type MDS into your "Search" - any idea's on that David Ol' Hoss?

Read any Drudge lately? Recall a few posts back my mentioning the Tea Party? How's 'bout all your talk about "authenticity" (tho' I'll admit I ain't seeing much of that anyhere).


How does David love thee? Let us count the ways...

(Didn't take long to find ... well, nevermind.)

"I have been chided firmly by two of my regular commenters, 'JK' and Dom, who disapprove of my love for Sarah!"

"In defending her I must also make clear my reasons for liking and approving of her. ... To begin, I suspect that I am not alone in desperately seeking 'authenticity' in my politicians. Parliament and Congress, it seems to me, are stuffed full of pretenders, and what I mean by 'authenticity'...

(DM? Mind my stealing your, "Tut, bloody, Tut"?)

Not in the least, my dear chap.

Thank you DM - Kind Sir. 'Twas mostly for the ending comment on that thread, "You heard it here first!" forget where JK read it - sounds like maybe some "Expert" on the BBC's staff.

(Imagine - DDS [David's Darling Sarah] with DDA [David's Darling Ann] running on the same ticket.)

It's a race between a weirdo and a has-been, and the result doesn't matter because neither of them would beat Obama.

Fasten your seat belts for four more years of socialism in the US.

Hopefully the GOP can do better next time.

I disagree, Andrew. I think Obama will prove relatively easy to beat unless - and it's a big 'unless' - the economy suddenly improves fairly drastically. Also, I agree with MDA that Romney, tricky bugger though he be, is far and away the man with the best chance of beating Obama. Government Health Warning: my political forecasts are not be relied on and could prove dangerous should you bet the deeds of the house!

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