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Wednesday, 08 February 2012


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"costing, I guess, several million quid."

The BBC said 8 million on the PM programme today.

What a funny old world football is. Lying to the taxman about where you have salted away your money is dishonesty. Calling a player a "black c**t" is a manifest truth, yet who is in worse trouble?

"Lying to the taxman about where you have salted away your money is dishonesty."

No doubt it was the lateness of the hour, 'W', that inedvertently led you to forget to make absolutely clear that your were simply writing in general terms and that our 'Arry was definitely not lying to the taxman!

Your main point is incontrovertible.

Absolutely, and thank you for reminding me to express myself clearly. Lying to the taxman was of course what Mr. Redknapp was accused of, whereas it is now a matter of official record and my considered opinion that he did no such thing.

Can't meself understand why the extremely well paid barristers employed by HMRC apparently made no mention or enquiry into the means of funding of the lovable 'Arrys property empire in & around Sandbanks - one of the most expensive housing areas in England !

Kind regards

Well paid barristers employed by government departments are never noted for making enquiries, it's hard enough finding the time to bill out their hours!

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