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Friday, 17 February 2012


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"For a start she would have to dye her hair black": no, no, no. Hilariously, all she'd have to do is stop dyeing it blonde.

Bitchy, DM, bitchy!

"We would have been happy to have had a light tan colour but the darkness of the paint was totally inappropriate. Morally it is unacceptable and ethically it is indefensible"

My wife said something similar after I painted the attic bedroom. Everyone should know that you can't go wrong with magnolia.

Maybe this is a generational thing, I've also seen plenty of Shakespeare histories where "one or two Earls of this or Dukes of that who are as black as ebony". I've never really had that much of a problem with it. Seems no more anachronistic than changing the setting from that of the time (of the history) or the mish-mash of dates the costume and props that were apparently used in "Shakespeare's day".

Perhaps it's because I went to a school and grew up in a more racially divergent Britain than would have been true a couple of years before while you were at school / growing up?

Ah yes, 'W', 'builder's cream' so restful!

Now look here, 'Ben B', if you want to work with me again just remember what I taught you - the director is always right! Also, I don't want to overstate the case, I am talking about irritation rather than grand principle.

A brown Earl of Bradford is a bit different from a brown twin of a white person. You can suspend the disbelief only so far. And to youngish people a white Earl of Bradford might seem odd.

Well, if she was going to play the part of Bloody Mary I don't think she would have been very convincing.
This evil looking cow warbling "Bali Hai" wouldn't make me want to run away to Tahiti.
The only other parts for a "person of colour" would be the two children as far as my memory serves me and she wouldn't be much chop as a little Polynesian girl either.
Oh, to hell with the bitch. Tell her to go and join a stock company of "Oklahoma".
I don't really know what a "luvvie" is but I doubt very much that I want to be one.
Why do you want to be a "luvvie?"
In less than 50 words would be nice.

Sorry, Andra, I'd forgotten that you no longer speak English 'down under there'. 'Luvvies' is a generic term describing actors and actresses. It arose, I suppose, from their habit of over-using the word 'love', as in , "Didn't you just love my performance", and that sort of thing.

What a bunch of vitriolic old tarts!

Er, is that us or them?

Love your take on this. Too too true.

Thanks, Ma'am!

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