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Wednesday, 15 February 2012


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This is a comment from 'AK' who was so overcome by my picture of 'Harry Harperson' (above) that he posted his comment in the wrong spot!

I'd perhaps be more supportive of Her Majesty if she'd said something about the EU. Maybe she has in private, but in my view that's not enough - it's the twenty-first century and such matters should be above board.

I can't believe Victoria would have said and done so (apparently) little.

Apart from that, she has reigned with dignity and dedication for sixty years and these days, both the dignity and the dedication we'll probably never see again.

We will have to wait for the histories to be written, I suppose, but I think she has trod very carefully along a very narrow line conscious, of course, that the rat-pack would be waiting for any political impropriety.

David. Her auld ma kept her on the straight and narrow. In spite of any indiscretions in her family she has served the British people well. She loves her country and those that fought for our freedom.
I hope she goes on a bit more. Glass of port raised to her. 'The Queen'.

Port, Jimmy?! I thought you would have preferred a fine old single malt!

I'd suggest Glenfiddich. At Over in the US of A's, prices.

An' maybe a "leaked" vid with the "Lesbian Straightener" so long as ya'll don't put it on our PBS. Maybe send it to Andra.

"Penile Colony" twarn't it?

Gawd! Imagine it. Andra, the above pictured and that dreadful Guillard lady... erm... sorry 'bout mentioning "lady" (well 'cept for you Andra - you do read D&N) if that's not a qualification I don't know whut cud be...

The Dutch are an interesting case amongst the monarchies, in that they had quite a lengthy and successful spell as a republic. They nevertheless stuck with their monarchy.

I bet the Afghans wish they'd stuck with theirs. Getting rid of their King was the mother of all foul-ups!

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