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Thursday, 02 February 2012


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It's quite bonkers to have Constitutional requirements for Presidents but no procedure set up to test for them. Apparently they've already had one President who was possibly a Canadian.

There seem to be two different issues. (i) Is his belatedly published birth certificate a fake? If so there's essentially no evidence that he was born in the USA and therefore, given the other circumstances, he's not a natural born citizen. (ii) Some people argue a different case, namely that even if he was born in Hawaii, his father's nationality precludes his being a natural born citizen.

You'd have thought that there should be precedents enough to settle the second argument easily; the first one should surely turn on scientific evidence like many other forgery cases.

Here you are.

And there's more, but this'll do I think.

Don't know whether you've read this DM - H/T Malcolm over on Waka:

Thanks, chaps, and I fear this story 'will run and run'!

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