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Monday, 27 February 2012


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I watched a bit of this - what a load of crap - rubbish acting and rubbish plot.

Who with any sense would not keep those returning from a spell in foreign choky under 'obbo? Certainly away from the nuke bomb key, a nice harmless job well out of the way. So why all the drama.

As you say, TTSS did it so much better.

Quite right, Roger, but the first episode had signs of promise. Oh well, I'll give it one more try.

The plot would have made a half decent episode of NCIS. Maybe a two-parter with Gibbs in jeopardy at the end of part one.

Mind you, McGee wouldn't need all that surveillance malarky. He'd know where the bad guys were from just their mobiles.

As is generally the case in life, we have two choices.... take it or leave it.
Option A: In this situation I would suggest you just stop watching the bloody thing.
Option B: Keep watching the bloody thing and then boring me, the paying customer, with your old curmudgeonly gripes.
Please pick Option A.

If they'd wanted to signal that the Sheikh/Prince was a lascivious nogoodnik, why not call him Al-Kennedy?

There was a scene I've seen often in American movies. The CIA girl wanted her source to take a ridiculous risk and when the girl demurred persuaded her by saying how important it was to her (the CIA girl's) career. I've found that scene laughably implausible every time I've seen it.

Kevin, I never quite hit it off with NCIS perhaps because I've never watched it!

Andra, you may consider yourself "a paying customer" but the cheque's been in the post for so long I can only assume you sent it via sailing ship mail!

"Al-Kennedy"! What a hoot!

David. It is pretty well shitty so far but I will stay the course.
Have to find out if the carpet kneelers have won.

Of course they won't, Jimmy, this is American TV not the real world!

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