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Thursday, 02 February 2012


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No David - not how you'd so quickly interpret.

Normally I’d not post this site on these esteemed pages of D&N but I’ve a purpose David. No, don’t bother reading the swill, just scroll down to the map. Notice all those orange colored counties in the north of Florida, that orange block further south and more toward the center? Probably doesn’t register much for Brits but those orange counties actually form a word:


More specifically, Trouble for the Establishment Republicans. Simple demographics actually.

Those northern Florida counties very closely match the general US South where that finely boned, well-chiseled featured Mr. Romney isn’t so very likely to match the percentages he enjoyed so very recently. That block in the center? Well there’s where you’ll be finding Hispanics. The Cuban-Americans are slightly further south.
I’m going somewhat out on a limb here – figure Santorum to pick up quite a few women no no no – not the Gingrich way of picking up women! But those young Rick might not pick up, Newt most likely will.

The Huffington Post? Won't I need a visa to enter behind their iron curtain?

Anyway, Gallup has Florida solidly Republican - and that's any Republican! We shall see!

Solidly Republican David?

True far as it goes. Just those pesky northern counties where native Floridians reside. Throws a spanner into the Romney inevitability - watch for Super Tuesday. The Republicans will carry the South.

The problem is gonna be if no single candidate emerges the obvious victor. No consensus victor - a brokered convention and I wouldn't wager any actual money (even denominated in Euros) against Obama winning a second term.

JK, just noticed this at The American Spectator:

"Actual Latino voters -- who accounted for 14 percent of the Florida primary turnout -- rendered a different verdict. Romney won the Hispanic vote with a 54 percent majority. Gingrich came in a distant second at 29 percent. Breaking down the numbers further, Romney beat Gingrich 57 percent to 31 percent among Cuban-Americans and 52 percent to 23 percent among non-Cuban Hispanics."

Might want to bookmark David. Watch for posts from Eric Ericcson:


Two of the three will be on ballot come November.

All of them are unelectable in a normal campaign year.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

Thanks for the links, JK.

Well Obama made it last time, Hank! Also, I don't see anything particularly unelectable about Romney. In a way, the fact that he is such a 'machine politician' puts me off slightly but I think it is essential for enough Americans to keep repeating until November "ABO" - Anyone But Obama!

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