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Wednesday, 22 February 2012


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The irony here is that if you have a massive and successful economy like the Germans used to have, then it makes a lot of sense to spend on "R&D" of alternative energy sources. That way, you are doing all you can to avert risk, and are well-placed when something becomes economically viable.

What you don't do is to put all your eggs into a basket that consists of a few wisps of straw and a theory about the future of agricultural containers.

The Germans are a funny people. (I have some insight because I foolishly married one once!) Under the orderly rational surface is a deep vein of latent hysteria. Thomas Mann captures it brilliantly in his novels. I think one aspect of this is the German susceptibility to silly theories and trendy causes.

Vicente Blasco Ibáñez wrote this about German self regard in his novel The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

They were bloated with science as with the puffiness of a toad, proud of their pedantic and all-sufficient intellectuality. Sons of sophistry and grandsons of cant, they had considered themselves capable of proving the greatest absurdities by the mental capers to which they had accustomed their acrobatic intellects.

Good soldiers, crap strategists.

I don't know why the Germans are getting a roasting here for being deeply stupid about "alternative" energy. We are no better. Our prime minister gave a sterling defence of the wind energy scam (reported here ) a couple of days ago. Mind you if one's father-in-law was legally receiving £1,000/day from this fraud who wouldn't be tempted to keep one's wife's family happy even if it meant some OAPs coughing up an extra few hundred pounds for their energy needs?

But we all know we're stupid, Bongers, but we all think the Germans are hyper-efficient!

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