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Sunday, 26 February 2012


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You are right in saying that there is no way Obama can really be sure. So he should hit them just for the heck of it. Otherwise, all this

would have been wasted, wouldn't it?

Please don't take up that absurd American misuse of "parsing": they only use it because their schools gave up teaching grammar even before ours did.

Yes, sir, very good, sir, but please, sir, 'parse' is a verb and you can always add on an 'ing' ending to a verb, can't you?

'W', wouldn't be the first time money was wasted on defence projects although this looks like a very sensible project in this day and age. Also, there were reports fairly recently that the Yanks had shipped some 'bunker-busters' to the Israelis so perhaps, for once, they are 'boxing clever'!

Yeah, but "parsing" does not mean analysing or determining the meaning of something. That's "construing".

Ah, yes, I take your point, DM, of the difference between analysing the content of a report and parsing the grammar of which it is constructed. However, sometimes the two are difficult to peel apart. For example:

"Iran is pursuing research that could put it in a position to build a weapon, but that it has not sought to do so."

Here you have a sentence which is contradictory. It states that 'A' is pursuing 'x' in order to facilitate 'y'.

Then it states that 'A' has "not sought to do so". Do what? Pursue 'x'? Or not facilitate 'y'?

Whether that comes under the heading of parsing or analysing I'm not sure!

I think it means that Iran has not sought to build a weapon, but that's a guess, because the sentence is ambiguous. Journalists, eh?

Bless their smelly socks!

The problem convincing the western population that Iran is making la bomba is the lies about Iraq. However I am sure Iran is manufacturing a devise and will as a consequence be targeted.

The subversion of our intelligence service by Blair & Co remains a blot on the reputations of all concerned and you are quite right, Jimmy, to warn that no-one will believe anything they say for some considerable time.

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