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Friday, 24 February 2012


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Is there a technical term for the case of a whole ruling class taking leave of its senses, as in Global Warmmongering?

By the by, about Homeland. The psychotic blonde CIA agent had served in Iraq: what if she had briefly been a PoW and was the one "turned"? If she's got wind that Brody knows that someone was turned she's got an incentive to finger him.

DM, in the nicest possible way, will you STFU! I have enough trouble trying to follow the plots of these things as they unfold without trying to unentangle your theories as to what might or might not be. And on top of 'Homeland', the latest Danish police thriller started last night on ITV3 and I only lasted as far the first commercial break because my head started to hurt!

However, I forgive you everything for "warmmongering" - love it!

Oh well I'll confine myself to conventional criticism: the chap playing the ambitious black boss at the CIA keeps wandering out of his American accent into a Lunnun one.

I'm going to have to give you 'audience lessons', DM, starting with 'Belief Suspension 101':

"Forsooth, my Lord, here comes the Dauphin of France."
Enter stage left, black woman in armour.

See what I mean?

Ah, but I can't tell whether he's not a very good actor, or will be revealed to be a "plant" from MI6. My money's on the former.

The only plants MI6 have are the potted ones on those rather elegant terraces high up on their posh new HQ!

Incidentally, talking of convoluted plots I have just watched (only 15 years late!) "LA Confidential". You can tell how complicated that is by the length of space Wiki needs to explain it. I shall post on it tomorrow.

XX There is no sign yet of the green economic miracle that the federal government promised would accompany Germany's new energy strategy.XX

On the contrary. They are to cut subsidies for solar power. Which, they SAY will mean more job losses. (Except, as most of the bloody panels appear to be made in China, I don't know where they get that from.)

Private consumers are also being charged more for their electric, to keep the supply to large users cheap.

So they say. The story here appears to throw that theory in the shitter as well.

AS to power cuts. Due to the closing of nukes, we are having to buy power from France, where they have had to increase the output of....NUCLEAR power to cover the needs, of Germany who are only in the shit because of.......


The sooner we get rid of the FDJ Tussi, the better.

Hello, 'FT', I might regret this but can you please explain what "FDG Tussi" means.

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