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Monday, 13 February 2012


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Something significant will happen this year, but I'm not sure whether it will be Israel acting unilaterally. If I were the Israeli leadership, I would let everyone believe we were gearing up for action. This (along with a few bombings and assassinations in Iran)might be enough to rattle the Iranians into attempting to close the straits when a big US warship is inconveniently close. Alternatively, the US might prefer concerted action rather than risk the fallout from a "go it alone" Israeli attempt. The latter would trigger Arab retaliations. The former could be contained, and, as you say, the Arabs are no friends of their Farsi-speaking coreligionists. A nice war would eliminate a military rival, and raise the price of oil most satisfactorily....

So my prediction is that the Israelis will continue to rattle the sabre until someone's nerve breaks. They are extremely clever people, unlike all the other players involved.

There are, of course, those who think the Brits have already done a deal to provide assistance of some sort. Craig Murray's blog is full of conspiracy-wankers making much of the Fox/Werritty episode. Well worth a look at his blog - one of the most loathsome on the web.

As you suggest, 'W', it is all idle speculation but I do feel that it cannot be long delayed. As for Craig Murray, a total tit of the first order.

Well David, I know in the past I've been consistently saying, "Nope, ain't gonna happen." But I suppose if I'm gonna go expressing ,"Well, I think there maybe something of the likely here" it might as well be on D&N.

But it ain't gonna be pretty.

Well, at least somebody has a ship of some description.

We have a small rowboat and a pair of oars but I am informed that the bung has been mislaid or stolen, so somebody has to go along and bail like hell.

JK, seen from an Israeli viewpoint, and barring an Iranian revolution, it looks like a 'TINA' - on eof Mrs Thatcher's favourite sayings 'There Is No Alternative'.

Andra, I think that ship was ours once upon a time!

Yes, I believe it was an important part of your navy.

We managed to snap it up for the bargain price of only
$ 47,000,000. plus tax.

Cheap at the price! Even so, perhaps you could see your way clear to lending it back again?

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