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Monday, 13 February 2012


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Do you take no pleasure in seeing shitty journalists beshat?

By the by, the paper that drove the pols mad with its expenses revelations, The Tel, seems unharmed as yet. I take it that that means it kept the very best revelations up its sleeve as a deterrent.

No, DM, I positively like and admire shitty journalists particularly if the shit through which they are shifting is that of our lords and masters! You may be right about 'The Tel' but the Constabulary seem to have the bit between their teeth and are intent on revenge.

Never have I seen so many left-wing pundits cheering on the arrest of journalists (and in one case, a journalist's wife for good measure!). I can only imagine the screams of delight if instead of the Super Soaraway Sun it had been Fox News...

'Oh, my dear, positively orgasmic'! Er, if Lefties ever actually manage an orgasm, that is. Somehow I find it difficult to imagine with, say, dear Polly!

Now, how come DM didn't take you to task about "seperate"?

I don't want the job!

Dammn! 'Separate', that's another one I always get wrong and yet I can never see it afterwards. As for 'DM', you're right, I think he's falling down on the job, or it could be that there are so many errors in my copy that he can't be bothered to correct them all. It's very difficult to get the staff these days, particularly as I don't pay very much, like, er, nothing! Feel free, dear Andra, to chastise me at any time.

It's ugly.

Of course the Graun have not complained, any more than the BBC have: those organisations are part of the political class, on whose behalf this pogrom is being undertaken.

Mark my words, our press will be less free once this is all over.

That, of course, is part of the aim.

Andrew, there is not a single word in all of your comment with which I would, or could, argue!

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