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Friday, 10 February 2012


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Is the axe upon the block, Sirrah?

Very ready, sir

Is this going to make You TUbe after the run? On this side of the pond we need a break from The national Stupidty Contest Presidential Election.

No, Hank, my agent says they don't pay enough!

Why don't you ask this mob to put on "Arsenic and Old Lace?"
I reckon you'd make a damned good body to bury in the cellar.

"This mob"! "THIS MOB"!! Madam, may I remind you that you are speaking of one of the finest, most distinguished Shakespeare Societies in the realm of which I am a principal performer of some considerable renown which is why they have asked, nay, begged, me to reurn to play the hugely important role of Abhorson - 17 lines, no less! (And, yes, actors always count their lines, a bit like men measuring their willies!) The world awaits with trembling anticipation.

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