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Thursday, 16 February 2012


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Oh yes yes yessssssssss! That really is a sight to gladden the flintiest heart, isn't it. It could only get better if he were in handcuffs or a suit with broad arrows. I wonder if Vicky Pryce will enter a guilty plea when they reappear at Southwark Crown Court in a couple of weeks. She would then get maximum mitigation of sentence for an early plea, be able to give corroborative evidence against him as he continues to maintain his implausible assertion of innocence and leave the ghastly, slimy man utterly exposed to popular ridicule and the law's majesty.

I haven't met her, but I know one of her close friends who reports that she is implacable in her determination for revenge for the many humiliations that he has caused her. I think she's been and is magnificent. Here's hoping for the lightest of taps on the wrist for her, and six months' chokey and oblivion for him.

Now look here, Webwrights, I have made it absolutely clear that there is to be no gloating. The occasional little snigger is permitted, even a quick air-punch with a suitably muted "YEEEEES!" is allowed but there must not be any overt celebration at the humiliation of a man who has done so much for the windmill industry. Now, where did I put my glass of bubbly . . . ?

(Incidentally, I have just had a quick look at your blog and I trembled, sir, I trembled. I already have DM and Andra regularly chastising me for my errors in these less than grammatically correct columns so I'm not sure I can stand much more!)

She's a better man than he is, by miles. But then you can say the same thing, albeit with a different implication, of his current amour.

One delicious aspect of this is that his ex must have saved the evidence (apparently a text message) for years, against just such an eventuality as him leaving her for a lesbian. Now that's what I call a strong marriage!

Not quite sure I follow your meaning, DM, do you think you could elucidate - a diagram might be useful!

That's what I call long-term planning, 'W', sort of thing women do so well!

Yebbut, you're not selling anything. I would not presume to correct you, although I might be prompted to point out a mipsrnit if it's funny! This is your blog, It's free entry and it's yours to do precisely what you want with. It is our pleasure to read or leave. It is your privilege to moderate us out of existence if our comment offends.

What annoys me is the sloppiness of people who want (or even take) my money, but can't be bothered to write their product descriptions, menus, brochures, emails or whatever in correct English. if their language is bad, so probably will be their service.

Anyway, thanks for your visit to my little corner of the web and for busting my cherry by leaving the first comment.

Oh God, I haven't had a cherry in ... good taste insists I go no further!

I commend readers of this excellent blog to take a quick look at Guido & his post "worth a thousand words".

These events are what teh interweb was made for............

Kind regards

The link is:

but don't read the comments - they could seriously harm your health!!!

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