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Thursday, 23 February 2012


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They started as duds and became crooks, the HAFs. You probably saw the like in the motor trade, Duffers.

I say, steady on, DM, old chap, that's a bit near the knuckle. "Dud", I was indubitably; "crook" . . . weeeeell, it all depends how you look at it, I mean, fair's fair, your honour, ooops, sorry, I mean, DM!

Great fun isn't it. We're at the slapstick stage now - custard pie theories flung across the lecture theatre.

Of course warm water sinks to the bottom of the oceans - it's lighter than cold water which makes it more inclined to wander off.

Even my crusty old physics teacher would have laughed his socks off.

I'd laugh a bit more if only it wasn't costing me so much!

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