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Monday, 20 February 2012


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It would seem not. Wot's up?

Well, I dunno about your lot but my sister is appearing on a new comedy show on ABC1, starting tomorrow night.
I'm gonna watch that!

Ah, they were late.

So a sergeant, the only MIA American serviceman in Iraq, happens to live in Washington within running distance of the Capitol. And nearby lives the widow of the chum who was captured with him. They're not too bothered about plausibility, then. Still, it ended on a good cliffhanger. And his wife is pretty.

I hope his appalling brat daughter gets killed but I suppose that's unlikely on an American show, in spite of their predilection for happy endings.

What's the point of the odd brother of the bugging man? I await developments.

Thought it was a bit Duff David. No insult intended. I did enjoy Southern Comfort again!

Ah. Supposing (i) someone was "turned", and (ii) it wasn't Our Hero, and (iii) we've already met the character, then it's obvious who it is. Isn't it?

Ah, further thoughts. Al-Q think they've turned Our Hero but they are wrong - he faked co-operation to get his release. He plans to hunt down the chap who really was turned. (He can't be truthful to the CIA because he knows there's a traitor around but doesn't yet know who he is). He'll hesitate to kill him at some vital point, in case he's suspected (by the CIA, by his wife...) of killing him for revenge instead of for treason. You see who I'm thinking of?

Anyway, the fact that al-Q believe they've turned Our Hero will be discovered by the CIA and viewed as conclusive evidence that he was turned and will thereby lead to suitable melodrama.

I can see a second candidate for having been turned, but I'm not confident that a US TV channel would dare have him as the villain.

We'll see.

P.S. My wife points out that if I'm right, it's just a less subtle version of Smiley. Hm: they couldn't be that lame, could they?

You are such a spoil-sport, DM, but fortunately your plot description was so tortuous I couldn't follow it! I've told you before - or if I haven't, I should have - stop thinking and just lay back and enjoy it!

The guy who was turned is the old friend who is now an officer in Military Intelligence and has lately been bonking Brody's wife.

Just seen it. Looks good. No wonder you like it. Sarah Lund is a zen master compared to that blonde girl!

Oh, do stop it, DM!

Ortega, you know what they always say about blonde girls!

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