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Thursday, 16 February 2012


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Up to a point, Lord Copper.

The Greeks may well have voted the slime into office, but did they have any choice? Did and do we have any choice? Whoever you vote for you get Pro-EU Enviro-nutcase big-government kleptocrats in charge - it's called the Political Class, and they are all exactly the same.

And I imagine the Greek armed forces are there to provide a big market for the French arms industry, but hey what do I know?

I think if the people start burning down Athens again and chucking themselves out of high windows I expect we will see a small cabal of Colonels take over again, shoot a few pols (hooray), ditch the Euro, print drachmas, and make Greece cheap, cheerful and welcoming for tourists again.

I think that you and JR between you might have come up with a dream solution. Greeks have been useless at fighting for the last 2000 years, whereas the Germans have more recently proven themselves to be all too willing and able. The Kaiserin should write off a huge chunk of debt, in exchange for the complete abolition of all Greek armed forces, and the provision of a German guarantee to defend Greek borders on a "no win, no fee" basis.

Good thinking, people, keep it up!

Look, I'm tired and irritable this morning and the only thing I can think of here is something along the lines of "f#@k the Greeks."

I have absolutely nothing more to say about anything.

Ever, probably!

'Nothing more to say', Andra? I don't think so! (And I hope not, too.)

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