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Thursday, 15 March 2012


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They were probably also concerned about Youtube footage of him screaming for his mom in the event of an accidental discharge. Best to be safe.

So if an Afghan produces a concealed weapon, the Marines are helpless? Bright move.

Back in the Sixties (I think) there was rather a good book/TV series about a communist takeover of Britain, called "When the Kissing had to Stop". In one episode, the Brigade of Guards is sent on an exercise without its weapons to forestall the counter revolution. The KGB is invited in to offer "fraternal assistance" to the left wing Labour government and establishes its HQ in the Tower of London.

Hello, Ewdward, and welcome to D&N. Yes, I remember that title although I can't remember the book/film. However, I just googled the author, Constantine Fitzgibbon, who sounds like a very interesting man:

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