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Thursday, 15 March 2012


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I too enjoyed Best Exotic. Checking out the Web revealed that Dignity (sure you have heard of them) have a care home operation in India along with several other outfits. Reckon we will hear more about this - maybe from Lansley.

Met some wrinklies with a place in Goa - their deal is 'don't tell the kids if I get ill, just cast the ashes in the Arabian Sea and tell them afterwards' wise counsel I would say. They do you overnight in Goa.

I try and enter the CineCentre about 20 minutes after the appointed time - avoids those bl*&^ adverts - although the Orange anti-mobile ad is quite funny.

I absolutely agree with you, Roger, on the ads and I, too, try to avoid them but there was such a crowd for the film that we had to get there early.

Also, it's a fact that good films from Hollywood seem to come in spurts and now that we have had a good run everything that is coming looks to be trash but you still have to sit through the ghastly trailors with the same old, deep-base reverberating sound effects that makes you want to murder Cineworld Management. Mind you, I might do that anyway, because their organisation is crap! I went to see the silent movie, The Artist, the other week and they had War Horse running in the very next cinema so all I could here was 'the sound of the guns'! I might consider sending the Cineworld management to Goa!

Yes, thank you, I do feel better for getting that off my chest!

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