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Thursday, 29 March 2012


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"Two mentions of that odd name in two days."

Just curious David. When was that "Time Travellers etc" book you're barking on about published?

Click the link, JK, and all will be revealed!

" the first man to captain a circumnavigation of the globe": true but misleading. Have you considered a new career in advertising?

The company will probably have been named after the mariner, so it's not quite such a coincidence.

What do you expect, DM, I was, after all, a second-hand car dealer. Also, I was quoting Mortimer's book and for got to put the inverted commas in - and, yes, I will do the usual hundred lines!

No doubt, Laban, but the coincidence for me was coming across that very odd-sounding name twice in two days.

What on earth is 'misleading' about "the first man to captain a circumnavigation of the globe"? Magellan died in the Philippines halfway round, while de Loaisa died mid-Pacific, and the suvivors of both those expeditions took ~10 years to get home. Drake led his expedition all the way round, and did it in 3 years. He was unquestionably the first.

I have a beautiful copy of Hakluyt's 'Voyages', so the name's not strange to me, and am just reading 'The Basque History of the World', by Mark Kurlansky. This shows how many of the early pioneers of exploration came from that tiny corner of Spain. Also, for anyone who cares about the Jesuits (and I don't) both Ignatius Loyola and Francis Xavier were Basques.

'The Basque History of the World'

That's what I like about you, 'Webright', you add a touch of real and much needed academia to this blog! And further to Laban's comment, Hakluyt was not actually a mariner himself, he just wrote about people who were mariners. Apparently he spent an enormous amount of time questioning them personally. One dreads to think of the amount of "sherris sack" that was consumed in the process!

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