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Tuesday, 20 March 2012


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"better to have a crook in office than a Republican!"


And there are plenty of parts of the UK, come to that, where it's considered better to have a crook in office than a Tory.

Most of Scotland wouldn't hesitate to agree.

Thanks, Andrew, that's really cheered me up! What's that expression, oh yes, 'and the truth shall make you really depressed'!

Do you think they are really much worse than our home-grown variety? I wonder what the Chicago media make of Huhne being up before the beak on perverting justice charges, and that cosy little relationship whereby senior police officers and tabloid editors hang out in the Cotswolds with Cameron and his media chums?

And if it's basic thuggery you want, there is also dear Eric Joyce. Over a million quid in expenses, multiple drunkenness, and the last unfortunate incident. Quite the British officer and a gentleman!

Yes, and he was in the Royal Army Education Corps. Didn't learn much, did he?

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