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Saturday, 17 March 2012


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I agree with one of the Coffee House commenters -

"One of the nastiest politicians in the last 20 years - and even more talentless than the rest."

That about sums it up!

Come on, Duffers, find that photo of him in a Nazi uniform and stick it up for our pleasure.

Your wish is my command, Sir!

Many thanks. Please use often.

And how characteristic of Balls that, in that interview, he seems to have magically moved direct from womb to Oxford without uncomfortably having to disclose to readers that he went to a fee-paying school. Kenneth Clarke once enjoyed reminding Balls in a House of Commons debate that, when he went to the same fine establishment, Nottingham High School, it was a state grammar school where he got a free education.

Hypocrisy is hereditary, as Balls' father campaigned for the ending of selection for bright poor children from while sending his own to fee-paying schools.

The demise of the Grammar Schools was a wickedness which still goes unpunished until, that is, Shirley Williams is roasting in hell!

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