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Monday, 26 March 2012


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Restaurants and hot food outlets have to charge VAT on their sales, does Cameron?

Neil, welcome to D&N, and you make a good point but I think Cameron is a hot air salesman which is, of course, VAT free. Well, if it wasn't, we wouldn't have a budget deficit!

BUT - hot air has been processed for human consumption and, like pasties and hot pies, should carry VAT. There should be a levy on the product since creating any product through the use of energy affect Global Warming.
In addition --- If 10 Downing Street is being used for business purposes Cameron should be assessed for rent and business rates?

Er, Neil, you're not from Her Maj's Inland Revenue and Customs, are you?

David - If I was I'd not last long. I'd target those I despise but they'd be my 'superiors' and they don't like boat rockers, apple cart upsetters or 'it up them'.

You scurvy fellow, have you forgotten how to tug a forelock and bend a knee? You'll not go far!

"You'll not go far!"
I couldn't tug a forelock, bend a knee or sell my soul to the devil. As a result I never did go far and with luck will be here for a while longer. Happy but socially unacceptable it seems!

Happiness is a sin, so the gloomier sort of parson tells us.

"Cameron is a busy man who cannot attend to every detail but he's surrounded by young smarty-pants special advisors"

His carelessness is all the more remarkable, as he is naught but one of those young smarty-pants special advisors himself.

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