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Sunday, 25 March 2012


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Don't you worry about that.

The Chinese houseboy and I sat on Saturday night, watching the electorates fall like skittles, and laughing with delight.

Labor is left with 7, count 'em, 7 seats..... ha ha ha!

My electorate, Cairns, has been Labor for 108 years... but, no more.

ha ha ha ... smirk, smirk.

Yes, DM, don't you worry about that. Joh, who has gone to another place, possibly south, will be grinning madly into his bucket of peanuts.

Duff, figure it out for yourself .. or DM may wish to enlighten you.

I thought it was only JK who confused me with his convoluted, enigmatic style but I haven't a clue what either of you are on about! What am I supposed not to worry about and who is Joh?

Joh was the sometime, long-time Premier of Queensland. When quizzed about any embarrassment "Don't you worry about that" was his customary reply. We lived in Brizie for a six-month years ago, but it was after his time. He was still much talked about, though. Compared to life in douce Adelaide, life in Brizie had more of a rumbustious flavour.

Ah, gotcha! You mean he would have done well in Chicago.

Probably not: he was Danish rather than Italian, black, Irish or Jewish.

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