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Thursday, 08 March 2012


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You just blow all their power stations up. No electricity = no isotope separation. Also = large death toll, of course, in harsh winters.

"For what it's worth from an ex-corporal like me, I do not think that the Israelis will permit an Iranian bomb, irrespective of what Obama or anyone else thinks. They will bomb and they will keep on bombing until they think the job is done. Forever in their mind is one word, one memory, one horrific scar - Auschwitz!"

It would appear we're in basic agreement except for that, "...and they will keep on bombing..." - simply because I'm of the opinion the Israelis can only depend on the first strike being a complete success. Therefore:

(Below is the link to the assessment Mr. Jones refers to on Israel's difficulties):

I agree with dearieme. Power stations are the more likely target, not the nuclear installations themselves.

JK, thanks for the link but I do not believe that the Israelis would go to a unilateral nuclear attack at anywhere near this stage in the proceedings.

DM and AK, the problem with attacks on power lines/generators is that they can be fairly quickly repaired and would thus require a constant (never-ending?) series of attacks which would become more and more difficult to carry out successfully.

Nor I David, "near this stage" but if the Israelis reach a point where their conclusion is, it's an existential threat, and the only option is to remove the threat - drop the curtain and reset the stage.

Thing to keep in mind is - whatever the Israelis do, they're gonna get hit with widespread umbrage and any succeeding attempts to perform follow-on attacks will be increasingly difficult - if not impossible.


"... ironies of the last 60-odd decades..." Did you mean years? Otherwise, good post!

Noted that too Dom. Figgered DM to've fired off an email.


Thanks, Dom, and I don't know whether I meant 6 decades or 60 years but then I often don't know what the hell I'm talking about anyway - oh, you've noticed!

And, DM, take a hundred lines for failing to spot my, er, 'deliberate' mistake!

The shrewdest thing I have seen written about the possibility of an Israeli strike is that it will take place when the Israelis and the world have stopped talking about it!

Well then David. Thanks for doing your bit for world peace.

(Anything you can do for gas prices?)

Yes, that's easy. Tell your 'Dickhead-in-Chief' to open that bloody pipeline from Canada!

That's gonna have to be done from your end David.

We've got candidates campaigning over here. ("Arkie-ese" bleeding off on ya David? "Dickhead-in-Chief"?) Suppose it might help if we begin hollering, Show us your willy!!

It never fails, JK!

If I see any willies on this page I'm outa here!
The mantyhose is quite enough for my sensitive green eyes.

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