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Thursday, 01 March 2012


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I like Matt Ridley, he writes well and has his head screwed on. That's a generous prize too and I think we'll get some cracking essays out of it. Not just the winner too. An all round excellent move.

I don't know whether you have referred to it in the past, but Ridley's book, 'The Rational Optimist', is a total delight. It is the book for every oldie who's worried about what sort of wreckage of a world they are bequeathing to their descendants. In brief, his contention is that the world has got better, richer, healthier, wiser, more innovative, cheaper, faster, more pleasant, longer-lived, better fed and so on for every generation since mankind first got up off its knuckles. There is no reason to suppose that we are suddenly going to go into reverse.

Treat yourselves to a copy; it's out in paperback for the cheapskates. Not only will you feel better for reading it, but the royalties will help Ridley to defray the cost of his noble prize!

Gentlemen, I agree with you both. I cannot for the life of me think why I have not read more of him but, alas, the only book of his I possess is "The Red Queen" which made a huge impression on me at the time.

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