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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


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Please keep quiet about the demographic time-bomb ticking away in China. The last thing we want is more of them, all desperate to persuade the Africans to give them what is customarily ours!

"Feeling better, are we?"

Why yes thank you very much! But then I started thinking about why we (meaning the incompetents in power) decided to dump our Commonwealth trading partners for those obviously 'not quite up to our standards' Johny Foreigners.

Then I started thinking about which areas are not experiencing such ageing populations and the effects of even more mass immigration.

Then I noticed the Caveat warning of my Karmic destiny that for every thing I like, enjoy and feel better about there has to be three of the type to remind me how FUBARed the whole situation is. (No, I'm not superstitious - I just don't walk under any black cats is all)

So I am now returned to my normal resting state, absolute pessimism. But happy, as I'm only happy when I have something to moan about.

"the Anglosphere is still far and away the world’s largest economic bloc." What rubbish: it's not a "bloc".

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