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Friday, 16 March 2012


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So much kultchur lately.
We uncouth Aussies can't handle too much of the stuff.

But I don't know anything about kangeroos and didgeree-doos, and Australian football is played by poofters in disgustingly short shorts so I can't possibly feature them in this distinguished blog!

Well, I'd say that Spain is quite less nationalistic than England. Mainly because here spanish, and as a matter of fact all kind of nationalism is still equated with Franco and seems suspicious. Meanwhile, the pro independence nationalisms, mainly in Catalonia and the Basque Country, very in the line of M. Salmond's, are quite strong and without any of those complexes.
What M. Rajoy, the new President, has done is to low the first step versus the mandatory 3.3% budget deficit for 2014. He went from the expected 4.4 to a 5.8 to end with a bargain of 5.3 with the EU. That only means that next year the sacrifice will be bigger. Anyhow, he has scored one point as a strong man standing before the EU.

About the movie you mention below, maybe yo'll like this review.

Coriolanus! Did Old Bill put that name to the work with a straight face?

On all matters Spanish, Ortega, I bow to your expertise. Even so, I would hesitate to try and tell the Spanish how to run their country!

As for Coriolanus, it was actually Bowman's review in The American Spectator which sparked off my post.

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