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Tuesday, 06 March 2012


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This from Craig Murray's blog:

"Then we have Obama on his knees before AIPAC, accepting his marching orders and promising that the US will participate if Israel decides to attempt to launch Armageddon. Are there no US taxpayers out there, unbesotted by religous fanatacism, who find it humiliating to have their national leader so obviously powerless and crawling before the Israeli lobby? Given that it is the US which funds Israel, and not vice versa, it is all very peculiar. Or is it simply that the US taxpayer funds Israel, but Israel funds US politicians, thus Israel is simply a de facto pimp in the diversion of taxpayers money into politicians’ pockets?"

Obama being on his knees probably explains why he has not visited them. Either that, or he's afraid of being mobbed by ecstatic crowds.

What a tit that Murray is!

Is he related to Andy Murray! A couple of tits. Double Breasted.

As the American Indian might say: "Obama speak with forked tongue."

Spot on, Jimmy.

Jackson, welcome to D&N. I am all in favour of Obama taking a long, considered view of this hellishly tricky problem because an attack is going to hammer the world economy but he's been in the job for three years and has had all the time in the world to think about it. If I was an Israeli I wouldn't trust him an inch.

Thanks DD.

Iran does not recognise Israel and has stated frequently its intention to wipe out Israel. I would say Iran has declared war on Israel more so by supplying weapons to Hamas, Hezbollah etc. The clock is ticking.

Indeed, JImmy, and God only knows what will go off when the clock strikes!

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