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Monday, 05 March 2012


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Giving an instruction in the second person plural would be "Votez". That's assuming that "voter" is an actual French verb.

Hmm, let's see. You are an average working class French man or woman (or anyone with more than two brain-cells for that matter). You see Merkel and Cameroid shunning a party, what do you do? Vote for them of course!

I predict a landslide victory for PS

(I was going to type 'La Socialiste' but realised that all you bilingual types would scoff at my distinct confusion about the correct gender for the damn word, and before you ask, No i am not bilingual - I only like ladies! ;-p )

I thought that, DM, but then I thought, better check it 'cos if I'm wrong it'll be another hundred lines from, er, DM, so I relied on Google translate rather than my memory. So that'll be a hundred lines then will it? And 'voter' is a French verb - according to Google!

As for the 'Frogs', I can't think of a single nation in Europe who would take less kindly to being interfered with, particularly by the Boche and the 'rosbifs', than them.

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