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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


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Two points.

1). "the Diamond Spangles Club for Men Only". How the hell did you find out, DD? Have your team been following me again?

2) Never trust anything an Iranian says. They all have a relationship to the truth which is unnecessarily convoluted and related to their sense of pride.

1) My spies are everywhere - now, will someone get this bloody white cat off my lap!

2) Actually, you should never trust any intelligence source whatever his nationality. Confirmation by other means is essential and even then you can't be absolutely certain!

Wonder if the fellow is a cousin to:


What's your Tony Blair up to these days David?

Possibly 'brothers under the skin', JK. And Blair is making zillions but I doubt he is paying much tax on it!

"...radicals attacked his home..."

So...people who defend one of the two or three most backward, primitive, and conservative regimes in the world* are now known as radicals?


* The others being Afghanistan and North Korea.

Don't forget Liverpool!

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