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Monday, 19 March 2012


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"why on earth do the people of Chicago keep voting these corrupt jerks into office?"

I can only speak from my experience of living as a student in Chicago in the late 60s. It seemed to me then there were two reasons why the buggers kept being re-elected:

1. it was the function of the ward-heeler (sorry, community organizer) to "get out the vote" at election time and if they didn't Mayor Daley could get very upset. But the real work was done between elections: the local community organizer saw to it that public money and, more to the point, public jobs and public contracts were aimed at those who would vote for/support the administration. I'm sure Obama was very good at this aspect of the work. He even managed to get Mrs O got a nice little earner from the University of Chicago hospitals although, ostensibly, the university is a private institution. Unluckily for the U of C it's a private institution slap bang in the middle of then state senator Obama's constituency. A community organizer - or certainly the mayor himself - could make life easy for such an institution but he could also make its life (and the life of its administrators and faculty) a misery. When I was there no-one - and I mean no-one - ever criticed Hizzoner, in public anyway. On election day, the "community organizer" called in the favours:
2. out and out corruption: in the words of another great democrat, Stalin, "it's not the vote that counts, it's who counts the votes". Doubtless we'll see similar activities in London in May at the mayoral election. Don't be surprised if more than 100% of the voting population of Newham votes for Ken.

I worry about you, Bongers, so young and yet so cynical! And true!

"so young . . ."

You just got yourself a friend for life DD (as well as a burst of laughter from Mrs U).

You mean, I should have gone to SpecSavers?

well, i have risen up out of my sick bed to see what's up with the world and the first thing i see is a bloody great apostrophe in the middle of things!!!
why duff why?

Perhaps you could give me a clue, Andra, because I have no idea what you're on about.

They do thing's they don't do on Broadway

things duff, things

Ah, I see! I didn't bother checking the quotes because I just paste and copy them, so don't blame me, blame the lyric site I nicked them from. Anyway, I'm not guilty, Your Honour, please, please, don't send me to Australia!

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