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Wednesday, 28 March 2012


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Another interesting (perhaps) feature of the Pirahã's though not language-specific is their non-sense or even a need for directions (meant in the geographical sense mind - that's why the hyphen) no north, south, east or west. Nor indeed even a "front" "back" or even a left nor a right.

(Might be attractive to Western males to consider telling his female automobile occupant "No, don't bother, I'm a Pirahã" next time one is attempting a roadtrip.)

Better yet, the Pirahã have no sense of time, except for the now good for when the missus suggests "it's nearing the time for re-arranging the patio furniture."

That is - no sense of the above in a linguistic sense.

Ahead of you David:

As always, JK!

I like their style.

Well then Andra, if you like their style then... uh oh - nevermind.

Dear Mr JK (Ah, you ARE male, aren't you?)

May I ask just what you are implying here? Is there some doubt about my style?

I believe you originate from one of the lesser regarded Southern states and you once went to Tasmania! Well .. very few heterosexual Aussie males admit to going to Tasmania any more.

Perhaps our dear Sister Wolf could decide this weighty issue.

I'll give you bloody style, not to mention couth! I overflow in style and couth and you'll do well to remember it.

What was the question again? Was there a question?

And, bear in mind, I am typing this with one finger due to my shoulder caused in the service of my country, or words to that effect.

In service to your country?

Did you receive a medal Andra? Many medals? Are we lesser humans to now begin addressing you with something like The Right Honourable Duchess Andra of Cairns?

Lesser regarded my ass ("arse" in your Australianese) my state gave birth to such luminaries as Lum, Abner, General MacArthur, and Bill Clinton!

Oh dear! Hate to intrude on a private argument but whilst I don't know about the first two, JK, the last two are amongst the biggest rascals in US history!

Is that L'il Abner? Him I know. The rest, blaaaah!!

Duff, this ain't no private tiff .. any one can join in.

No, no, thanks all the same but I've already beaten a hasty retreat!

When JK was attending high school that "Lady Renee" who used to comment lived in a little place called, Jot 'em Down - eight miles south of JK's hometown.

I think Earthquake M'Goon lived nearby in Rip it Up.
JK could confirm this, I'm sure.

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